Wednesday, April 03, 2013

e-books or print books... which to buy, rent, borrow...

The other day Karen Hornberger, the librarian at Palisades High School in Bucks County sent around an e-mail with a link to a Google Doc and asked librarians around the state for their opinion on purchasing e-books... what were the pros and cons. It was so very interesting being online with so many other librarians across the state at the same time and all of us typing away our ideas and reasons for making the purchases that we do.  Do we purchase traditional books or e-books? How do we make our decisions? How do e-books fit into the curriculum?  How do e-books fit with the new Common Core Standards?  Karen took all of our ideas and put them into a fortunately/unfortunately slide show which I am sharing below. It is up to each of us to decide to e-book or not to e-book, check out the slide show below.
Karen posted this slide show on her blog today and has promised to make this one of the conversations at the Unconference that will happen the evening before the PSLA conference in May. It is so exciting that librarians are talking about these things together! The more we talk the better informed our decisions will be when making choices with limited funds. Thanks Karen you made my day with your blog post today!