Sunday, June 16, 2013

Why I need an iPad for the library!

While I was at the Pennsylvania School Librarian's Conference I learned that Follett has an App in the iTunes store for Destiny, our library catalog system. I am one of those who downloaded it on the spot but some may be more reluctant. For those who are, I came across this YouTube video today that shows a reluctant librarian how it is done. With a mobile device, I can now check out books anywhere, even in the classrooms where I find books that teachers "forgot" to check out! I need an iPad for the library!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Creepy Carrots

Illustrator Peter Brown won a Caldecott Honor Medal this year (2013) for his illustrations in Aaron Reynolds's book, Creepy Carrots. Being a Syracuse Orange Fan, this is one of my favorite books because the major color in the book is orange. The book is very cute and is on the Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice (PAYRC) list for the 2013-1014 school year. Since it won a Caldecott Honor I have already shared it with my students so I have been looking on the web to find something new to add to a PAYRC lesson. And, I think I found it on YouTube where illustrator Peter Brown gives an inside look at his artwork for the book! I also found this picture walk through the book... a video of a picture walk... The book is not really scary and it will be perfect to read again around Halloween time and I have found a number of curricular connections. I plan to use the book with first and second grade. I did share it with kindergarten this year and decided that the humor may be a little too subtle for kindergarteners in October, so I may not read it to our new kinders this year. Although I do love this child's reading of it! Kinders may respond to it better if they hear it read by a child. Of course, Scholastic's Parent and Child review says it is fine even for toddlers: If you know of any lesson plans or have a great lesson you have used with this book, please comment below. Thanks!