Sunday, February 06, 2011

History for Music Lovers

Found this wonderful Youtube channel that even taught me something new about history using music... kids will love it.

Check out Napoleon and Cleopatra and so many more!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Twitter Lessons Today

Today was a snow day. It could have been a day to sleep and forget about school but we have this wonderful technology integrator in our district that gets us all excited about things. Today she held an Elluminate session for the teachers about Twitter. I have been on Twitter for a very long time but I went to the session so I could be moral support. It turns out that Kathy Schrock also held a Twitter session today at FETC. I was hoping that her session was going to be streamed and sent her a message on Twitter to post the link to the stream. It was not streamed but Kathy sent me a message with links to her resources. A teacher/librarian's dream! Now I can spend the rest of the week clicking and learning! Oh, and on Kathy's page she has a Youtube video from one of my mentors, Jim Gates... here is Twitter in 60 Seconds. Oh, I also follow Jim on Twitter!

Join Twitter and start your own Personal Learning Network (PLN). Oh, and it is very cool that someone as famous as Kathy Schrock, who I learned about in library school, took the time to send me a message on Twitter with her links. Librarians are just like that, we share, share, share! Here is a link to Kathy Schrock's blog! Enjoy! :-)

More Groundhog Day Fun!

Here is more information on the Groundhog Inner Circle from Accuweather!

Learn more about Groundhog Day here.

Happy Groundhog Day

Every year on Groundhog day I wake up early to record the events on PCN for my students and every year they eagerly await their library class so they can see Punxsutawney Phil's latest prediction. However, on this 125th year of Phil predicting the weather my students will not be able to see Phil calling for an early spring because we have a snow day. So, I am telling them through my blog that Phil did NOT see his shadow today, February 2, 2011. Yeah for an early spring, since this is our 5th snow day this year we all can use an early Spring! Now watch this short video about Phil and his two handlers and remember Phil is the smartest groundhog in the world because he lives at the Punxsautawney Library! What better place to live?

Happy Groundhog Day!