Sunday, April 29, 2018

Ozobots and Math

I always want the Makerspace in the library to be a place of STEM learning. I designed a lesson using graph paper and the formula for area of a rectangle (Area = width times length), encouraging students to figure out the area of the graph paper and then figuring out ⅓ of the area on which they would create a maze. It would be simple just to count the spaces on the graph paper but that would take a long time. So I introduced them to this Flocabulary video on area and perimeter:

The idea is then to make a line for an Ozobot to follow using the ⅓ portion of the area calculated. The graph paper's single square is the perfect width for the line the Ozobot can follow. Or if you have the more advanced Ozobot Bit or Ozobot Evo, students can create a computer program and upload it to the Ozobot to cover ⅓ of the area calculated. The Ozobot can be programmed using simple block coding at  Then, program the Ozobot  to create the maze by itself. Or, use a Sphero, which can be programmed with the Tickel App, in much the same way with larger graph paper and use makerspace items like Lego and Keva Planks to create the maze.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Happy Birthday Beverly Cleary

Today, April 12th is author Beverly Cleary's birthday. Today Beverly Cleary is 102 years old. Amazing! She was born in another era, an era when the things she wrote in her books were considered controversial. She showed us what the future would look like. Happy Birthday Beverly Cleary! Here is a link with a picture of her with Dr. Seuss from when she was much younger! Beverly Cleary and the Doctor!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Fake News Posters

Now that I am a Middle School Librarian, I realize it is more important than ever to make my students aware of Fake News. What is and what is not Fake News? I am happy that I came across a set of three posters from the Washington Post about fake news. I am not endorsing any one news organization. I just like the posters which you can download for free here: