Thursday, March 07, 2019


Video created for MRLA (Mini-Regional Leadership Academy) via University of Pittsburgh and PSLA (Pennsylvania School Librarian Association).

Saturday, February 16, 2019

More from PETE&C- Aaron Sams interviews PowerLibrarian

I am so very grateful to Aaron Sams for introducing me to flipped learning. He taught me about making videos of teaching content and then assigning it as homework. For me it went a little differently. As a librarian seeing students once ever 6 days, assigning homework just didn't work, even if it was a short video. Kids would forget since sometimes it could be 8-10 days between library classes. So, I flipped the library during library class. My problem was that I could not get the books checked in, and out fast enough to still have a meaningful class lesson. So, kids watched my content videos while I checked in books. I could also monitor behaviors better because I was not trying to teach and check in books at the same time. Kids also liked the videos and I also tried Nearpod at about the same time. I ended up saving so much time that I was able to offer students a small maker space in the library once every few cycles. Now we've come full circle and Aaron Sams is interviewing me at on of my Poster Sessions at the state technology conference, PETE&C. Here is a link to the video on twitter: 

Sharing My Presentation from PETE&C- 2019.