Sunday, November 18, 2007

The social bookmarking experience is something different! I am currently using to bookmark some sites for use in a project on Internet2 that I am working on with a group of students in my class at St. Joe’s. I tend to get lost in clouds, so I am using just the tagging feature for my bookmarks. I must admit my tags are a mess. I have not gotten the hang of it yet. I have multiple tags that stand for the same thing. How do I choose a tagging format? I want to use the tag information literacy but I can’t because won’t let me put a space in my tags. So I have multiple tags for information literacy: information, information-literacy, and Information_Literacy, all because I can’t remember what tag I used last time. Tagging should be simple but for me it’s not. I think most librarians have this problem because we are used to having things tagged for us. I am determined to start a new site and have all the tags conform to Library of Congress Subject Headings. I also bookmarked the link on my Congerjan
Anyway, I have been using for about a year but I must admit that all I was doing was saving bookmarks. I never even shared my links or took advantage of the social aspect until recently. I turned on the sharing feature during class as others were joining I joined Will Richardson’s network almost immediately. I also added the links from my favorite podcaster, Brian Dvorak who does the EDTech101 podcast. I also have two more people on my network now. It is interesting to see what other technology integrators are saving to their accounts. I hope that some of my fellow librarians and my friends in my St. Joe class will try this social aspect and we can add each other to our networks.


Unknown said...

Hi Janice,
I have no doubt that you will master the ethereal art of tagging! Don't obsess too much with form (I have a bunch of those mashedupnospace tags too ;-). Using the LC-style tags may be overkill since "folksonomy" types may never think of so-specialized labels. Nonetheless, you certainly do see the "social" affordances of the tool.

BookPushinTechie said...

Hi Janice
I am a professional librarian, an online educator for Children/Young Adult Literature, a professional artist, a native Pennsylvanian, a Macintosh techie and user group president. I am also a professional artist who loves making unique artistic books. Most importantly I am a digital immigrant who loves this new digital world and can’t stop learning and relearning. The reason for my starting some blogs (in addition to the Book Pushin Cats from TriState Reviews blog) is to show my students (teachers) the wide variety of valuable tools available to them on the web today. I hope they come to realize that their classrooms do not have to be isolated when they can tap the world’s resources so easily.
I'm looking for information and how todos on the new Web2.0 tools. I'm also looking to share a lot of the information that I have accumulated over the years.
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I signed up to link your delicious account to mine. I have lots of tehcnology links pretty much tagged. I'm starting to work on literature now. I hope you enjoy checking out my blogs. The Book Pushin Cats will keep you up to date on some cool new books that would be appropriate to your kids.
Linda McNeil