Thursday, February 07, 2008

The guilt of blogs...

Ok, so now I feel better. Will Richardson can't keep up with his RSS feeds either. He said so, right on his Weblogg-ed page today! Sometimes it feels like there is way too much stuff out there to read. I too feel guilty when I fall behind on my reading of my list-serves and the blogs I like to keep up with. Most of the blogs I like to read are listed on this site but there is nothing so frustrating as going to my aggregator and seeing all the unread posts. Who is making me feel guilty about this? I am. It is the same thing with books. I should be wearing the shirt I recently saw in a librarian's magazine..."So many books, so little time..." Now I can add to it, "So many blogs, so little time..."

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PDonaghy said...

Hi Janice
Have to agree with your observations. I am a recent convert to the blogsphere but it is somewhat overpowering!
PS: you might be interested in adding your blog details to the new International Edubloggers Directory at