Saturday, April 05, 2008

Where is Wikipedia?

For about a half hour now I have been trying to pull up a Wikipedia article on Michael Arrington for a Web 2.0 class assignment. It won't come up. Thinking the link may just be dead, I tried to pull up Wikipedia itself to search that way- nothing. Then I searched Wikipedia on Google News and found that China has lifted its ban on the English Wikipedia. Are the two connected? Brain ditto... or are you thinking what I'm thinking? Could it be that China has crashed Wikipedia on purpose or is it the pure volume that has Wikipedia out of commission this morning?

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Congerjan said...

Turns out it wasn't Wikipedia that was having problems, it was my ISP... Comcast. They sent an email of apology but that didn't really help the situation. It was so strange how random websites were not coming up. I could get to some sites and not others. Hope the problem is fixed now.