Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I just found out about this Firefox add-on. It is very cool. Now I can just clip and add stuff to my blog or save just the part of a website I want to quote for a research paper. Or even e-mail something to myself. Can't wait to show this to students. It may save some paper since students doing research in the library can just print the parts of a website that they really need. I think this could be... dare I say a replacement for notecards. I am thinking about the possibilities.
This was clipped right from the clipmarks install site:

clipped from clipmarks.comLink
  • Post anything you clip directly to your blog.
  • It's by far the quickest way to update your blog with compelling things you find on the web. Supports Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, LiveJournal and more.
  • Email anything from a web page without ever leaving the page.
  • Print just the parts of the page you really need.
  • blog it


    Unknown said...

    Just found your blog through twitter. I think it is fantastic. You are providing great resources for students and teachers.
    I too love clipmarks. Have you tried the PicLens addon for Firefox? It is brilliant with photos and my other favourite free download is Jing for capturing images and screen movies

    Congerjan said...

    I also love Jing but PicLens has not found a place in my heart yet. Thanks for the kind comments!