Sunday, May 24, 2009

Print Friendly

Here is a website I found today that will make those unruly websites easier to print for students that are doing research projects and need print out a website that would kill several trees (never mind how much toner is used).

Ever have a student print something out only to have the last two or three words of every sentence cut off? Annoying! Because you know they are just going to print it again in landscape. The new web app is called Print Friendly and it does just what it says, it turns any webpage into a print friendly version that does not cut off margins and even conserves spaces to help us kill less trees while we are printing out research documents. Oh, and if you are really interested in saving trees, there is way to download and save the material as a PDF so you don’t have to print it out at all.

I have included a button below that will take you right to the site.


Look what it did for my last blog post in the pictures above.

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