Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Just needed to share this today on Father's Day. I wrote this a while ago and it still makes me cry. Sometimes we all just miss our daddies.

Brava Papa

One day you used those
Words to another but they
Should have been to you.
Brava Papa

You taught us all
Right from wrong
And to do no harm
Brava Papa

You were there when
tears stained my face
and I needed
Your warm embrace
Brava Papa

Why is it that we
Always wait
Until the time is just too late to say
Brava Papa

You were there when my knuckles
Were white on my very first flight
I was leaving you for the first time
I know it was hard
Brava Papa

You stood proud and tall
As I was all dressed in white
I was leaving again
And again you wiped my tears
Brava Papa

This time it was you that left
Who could blame you?
You are with the
Father of All
Where skies are blue
And peace abounds
Brava Papa

1 comment:

The upsycho said...

How lovely. Thanks for sharing. When I read things like this, my heart clenches for the love I should have known but never did. It's not self pity, really. It's pity for the little girl I used to be. The disconnect between her and me is so great that I look on her as a different person. And there's anger, too, I guess. Anger at people who deprived that little girl, leaving me to pick up the pieces.