Saturday, July 25, 2009

Apple Tablet

I love my MacBook Pro and my iPhone but if Apple really does come out with a table in 2010 how could I resist? How could anyone? Just the idea of a tablet with the interface of an iPhone has me drooling. I read an article that says it should be ready by next year sometime and for me it could not come soon enough. I already try to scroll on my laptop screen; you should see the fingerprints, not pretty! And, it doesn’t work. Go figure. So, if Steve Jobs comes out with a tablet and it has a 10-inch (more or less would be fine too) screen as reports indicate, it would be purse worthy! Depending on the cost, it could change the face of education; one device to read and page through text is a lot smaller than carrying all those textbooks around. Not to mention having the Internet in the palm of your hand. With built in 3G wireless it looks better and better all the time! I don’t want to wait! The picture at the right comes from AppleInsider and looks like a stretched out iPhone. Not sure if it will really look like that but I hope I don’t have to wait too long for it to be a reality. I can see school tech directors going for these rather than full priced computers and laptops. Can you see these taking the place of all those laptop carts in schools? This may be a bigger innovation for schools than the Apple II. A cart full would be a heck of a lot lighter to push around too!

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