Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Principal... My Glogster Hero!

Last year I had my 4th graders do state reports on EDUGlogster and they did a super job.  This year I was planning on having the current 4th grade do a country report since their teachers wanted to do the state report project later this school year.  I figure they can cut their teeth on the country report and be all set to do the state report for their teachers. So, I went to my old Glogster accounts and low and behold it was going to cost me 99 dollars to do the same project I did for free last year.  I didn’t want to give up my 4th grade Glogster report! Enter my new principal, my knight in shining armor who is almost as much of a technology geek as I am! I go to him hat in hand and he says sure what do you need! My hero! My principal was kind enough to pay for 200 student licenses for me to share around the school. That is enough for not only the 4th grade but for at least another grade level to all do Glogster reports this year. I am very happy and excited to get started.  But I must say I am getting frustrated by the bating and switching that is going on with educational web applications. Bate and switch is the only way I can describe it, educational websites get you hooked on their free product and promise it will always be free and then a year or so later you have to pay for the same services you were getting for free. Glogster  is not the only website that has done this, JayCut went away all together... poof... gone, and it is frustrating. Now that I know I have to pay for Glogster, I will plan my budget accordingly next year. But what if Glogster is gone next year?  This year was bad enough, it threw me for a loop! Luckily, when I went hat-in-hand to my principal and begged he gave me the money for the licenses. But what happens in those school districts that do not have an extra 99 dollars hanging around? How can we fund these sites that we all use in education to keep them free? There’s got to be a way if we all put our heads together.  

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