Thursday, October 25, 2012

Privacy is Dead

Can I brag about my PLN again? PLN stands for Personal Learning Network or Professional Learning Network. These are the people that I follow and follow me most on Plurk but on Twitter and Facebook too. I first came across Matthew Hughes when he was a pimply faced teenager in high school in the UK.  We followed each other while he was in college but were never friends on Plurk until recently. And I am amazed at his growth and maturity. Yes, in a way I feel like he is one of my students or one of my kids. We have never met yet, but today he taught me something we all should realize, nothing is private on the Internet.  Here he is speaking about the death of privacy and how we can find out anything about anybody online!

Pretty heavy stuff and who would put a picture of their debit card online?

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Matthew Hughes said...

Thanks ever so much! Such kind words. I sometimes blog about information security and privacy. If anyone has a further interest in it, feel free to have a look!