Monday, March 31, 2014

Green Screen App by DoInk is Divergent!

This week and maybe next week too my students will be creating video book reviews of one of the books they read this school year. I found this wonderful new video creation app for the iPad called Green Screen by DoInk. It just the app I have been looking for for my library. I have several green shower curtains hung on my magnetic white boards with bulldog clips and have been waiting to use the screens all year. Now, thanks to DoInk we will be making green screen videos in the library. Since I was not sure how to use the app, I had to practice. This is my first feeble attempt but now when the kids ask questions I may have an answer!

Here is the video that comes with the app and I will have students play with this to get a feel for the app but not for too long because I only have the iPad cart signed out for 2 cycles and since I only see my students once a cycle this may be cutting it close! Enjoy.


Deb Pulst said...

Well done Jan! Keep being Brave like Tris & trying new things!

Congerjan said...

Thanks Deb, of course I call Tris Tess in the video, never was good at off the cuff. But, I am going to show it to my students anyway because they need to see me make mistakes! Failure is good, it is the way we learn!