Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The thrill of ISTE18 while I'm still here...

I don't often reflect on the ISTE conference while I am still at the conference but I just had an incredible session and in my next session they talked about reflecting on your learning via a blog post. So my reflection is for me so I can remember how much I LOVED learning more about Hyperdocs from Katie Bradford and Brett Miller in their session. They presented their session via the hyperdoc linked here. I can't wait to go back in to dive into it more because a one hour session was not enough time to visit all the links! I am using a tag-which I don't often do- because Mandy Froehlich her session said if we tag our posts with a Danielson number from 1-4 that we can use our blog posts as part of our e-portfolio. Interesting enough the next presenter Christine Voelker presented her session, on the thrill of the hunt- OER resources, with a hyperdoc as well. These are things I can take home from #ISTE18 and continue the learning!

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