Saturday, December 22, 2007

I am Elf... See me Dance...

Of course I could not let this website get by without a comment! Oh what fun it is to make yourself into an elf this holiday. The site is called Elf Yourself!
Thanks to the people at Office Max, I am now an elf and you can see me dance! It actually is quite fun and you can do more than one elf at a time. I will be playing with this website with more family pictures over the holidays!

Another fun holiday site is from the US government of all places. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) who guard what you value most has been tracking Santa for children since 1955. Back then a misprint in a Sears and Roebuck advertisement for the Colorado Springs store published NORAD's number as a special hotline number for kids to call Santa. Those were gentler times, the NORAD staff was not on alert for terrorism and the staff joyfully checked the radar and told children who called an update on the Jolly Fatman's location. That started a wonderful NORAD tradition and now they have a website complete with games for children to play. On Christmas Eve things really heat up as the NORAD crew tracks Santa's every move with special updates all evening long.
Not only that, NORAD is an international site, tracking Santa in 5 languages in addition to English. Have a little fun with the children in your life... track Santa with them on Christmas Eve and then Elf them! Let me know how you like being an Elf!
Other sites to help you have a Merry Christmas are,, and the merriest place in cyberspace,

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