Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Arrowhead Library in the Times Herald!

So, how could a mediocre experience in a video-conference turn out to be exciting and fun? Well, having the local newspaper put a picture of students eagerly awaiting the video-conference on the front page of the paper today helped a lot! The Norristown Times Herald’s Gene Walsh came to the library for the conference but he was less than enthusiastic about it and left before it got to the good stuff. Well, the conference never really got good but the pictures Gene took and put in the paper were outstanding. The students were thrilled!! And, it made everyone’s day today. A copy of one of the two pictures from the front page and a link to the story are here.
The students in the picture were acting like rock stars today and autographing a library copy of the newspaper. When everyone has a chance to sign it we are going to laminate it and post in a prominent spot in the library. All this and an author visit next week! It is a busy time in the library… more about Kay Winters’s author visit next week. Oh, and my tech coordinators want to know if I get extra credit in my Internet Technology master class because I was in the newspaper for technology reasons?

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