Sunday, March 09, 2008

More RSS love...

I have blogged about this before. For about a year I was wondering what all the hype about RSS was all about. I had an aggregator, in fact I had two (Bloglines and Google Reader) but at home on my computer I like going to my blog roll and hitting my favorite blogs where they live, their actual websites. Then EBSCO hits became available as RSS feeds and that was nice. But now, there is one icon I can push on my iPhone and get to my RSS reader and voila… there are all my favorite blogs right there on my phone! It is so cool. I can catch up with Cool Cat Teacher, Joyce Valenza and Will Richardson with a single push of the Google Reader icon on my iPhone screen! Going RSS on my phone is so much easier than trying to find my links in my blog roll... and a better, simpler way to read my favorite blogs away from home!

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Cathy Jo Nelson said...

I just WISH that the google blogger interface offered us subscribers a feed for comments. To me the real beauty of using a reader is never having to leave your reader to follow a conversation (unless u want to jump in and comment yourself.) Blogger does not offer the feed for comments, so if I want to see if anyone commented on your posts, I have to link out of my reader. C'mon BLOGGER, get with the program here. its about the conversations, not the platform for blogging. We would like to read the responses of this blog's posts in our reader.

Am enjoying your posts very much.