Monday, May 16, 2011

Learning to Change- Changing to Learn

A Plurk Friend of mine Clif Mims posted a link to his latest blog post today and it had the most interesting video attached that I just had to put it here for all of you to see. It made me think about why students seem so uninterested in school. Is school their most unproductive time of the day, their most unplugged? I have been thinking about this a lot lately and before Clip posted his video I asked the question of my Plurk buds... Should Social Networks be part of the curriculum and it raised a little bit of a fire storm. Some teachers felt they should not be, some were on the fence and some said sure... go for it. I asked the question because I for one am on the fence. Last week before Cyber-Safety expert Dr. Sameer Hinduja spoke in my district and opened my eyes to some of the seedier things going on via social networks. I want to be a vehicle of change, I want to change to learn so that I can teach the future. So, watch this video and weigh in on social networks in school. What does the video make you think about?

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