Sunday, June 12, 2011

ISTE and iPad

So now I am really getting excited about ISTE! I found this video posted by Paula Naugle on the ISTE2011 Conference Ning! Brad Flickinger, the author of Teaching with netbooks, presented 8 reasons why iPads are going to change education. I am excited because it was posted on the Elementary Educators group wall and I believe iPads may be the best platform for elementary students. The interface is simpler and kids pick it up right away. I think I would almost rather have a cart full of iPads rather than laptops! Now that Brad has been using iPads for a while I am sure he and Paula will have a lot more than 8 reasons to use iPads in elementary education. I can't wait to run into Brad or Paula at ISTE2011 in Philly! I am planning on learning a lot and taking my new found knowledge and skills back to my elementary library!

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