Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Neil Gaiman's New Blog Post

Neil Gaiman has not blogged much lately and while most of the time I am told don't apologize for not blogging when you do get around to it, he does apologize but his apology includes a catching up that inspired me to write my first blog post of 2014. Happy New Year! Find Neil's blogpost here. His new book Ocean at the End of the Lane  has been nominated for a National Book Award and is now available in the US. The audio version of the book won the Audiobook of the Year award. And then he sat down and interviews JJ Abrams about his new book S. While I love the concept of the book, it is a nightmare for librarians who need to make sure every person gets the same experience as the first reader of the book. How are we ever to keep track of all those bits and pieces? Enjoy the interview and if you have read S let me know what you think!

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