Sunday, April 19, 2009

Check out tinypaste...

I just had to blog about my latest find. Someone either Plurked or Twittered about this website and I had to go and find out more for myself. I am so excited about this new discovery called tinypaste. Tinypaste is like tinyurl which lets you share a large URL in a small format. Except tinypaste is for sharing text, any kind of text. You could type a paper and paste it into tinypaste and send only the URL to someone to help you edit the document. I used tinypaste for the Gettsyburg Address.

When you go to the tinypaste website you get a blank window that says, “Click here to paste your text.” Paste a bunch of text into it and click on the green “Submit” button. When you do, the website turns your text into a URL that you can copy and paste into any document or onto Twitter and Plurk. This especially works well when you have more to share than the micro-blogging sites allow you to. Twitter or Plurk only give you 140 characters or so to share your message and sometimes that is just not enough! Plurk is better at getting more than 140 characters at a time because you can reply to your own message and explain further but I am going to give this tinypaste a try even on Plurk. I am also thinking this is a good way to share information for students working on a joint project when a district will not allow the use of Google Docs.

Oh… check out Wanderlust too if you are a social studies teacher and are teaching those famous explorers. Look out for the route Henry Hudson use and the one Lewis and Clark forged through the wilderness.

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