Saturday, April 25, 2009

Simple Machines in the Library

Why is a librarian worrying about teaching 2nd graders about simple machines? It is a challenge. I wanted to see what was out there and connect students to different media they can use when faced with something new. Teacher tube had a couple of offerings and I wanted to show my students this blog so I am embedding some simple machine videos here.
This first one is a little corney but it was made by middle school students.

This was created by elementary students and it is the kind of final project I think this group of second graders I am teaching can create. I am going to have to watch this with them and see if my students will be excited about doing a video as a final project... media literacy and science all in one...

This is a mash up of a song created and performed by Science Explosion, a group of science educators. It was mashed up by a student who found simple machines in anime.

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