Saturday, April 11, 2009

Steve Jobs is a doll...

What can get a techy-librarian’s heart racing more than a plush Cat-in-the-Hat doll, or a Mo Willems plush pigeon or Knuffle Bunny? The answer is a Steve Jobs plush. I am in love with my new plush toy that my son bought for me. It is a 15ish inch Steve Jobs doll. I thought it was a limited edition of just 500 but after reading the website it looks like they will make more if the first 500 sell out (and of course it will... it's Steve Jobs afterall!). Take a look at PodBrix’s initial offering of the Jobs doll on April 1st. My son thought it was an April Fools joke until he took a better look and realized he knew the PodBrix company well. He placed his order the first day they came out. He knew it was something his geeky Apple Fanboy of a mother could not live without! Now I can't wait to share it with my students along with the new Steve Jobs Biography I just bought for the library.
Oh, by the way, the photo on the right was taken using my iPhone.

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