Sunday, January 25, 2009


Since I had completed the 23Things on my own when I first found out about the program I was amazed at the differences.  The PSLA version of 23 things is not the same as the 23Things I did on my own a couple of years ago.  I love that 23Things is available to use under a Creative Commons license because I am thinking of developing a version for my district to introduce our teachers to what is available on the Web.  It could be completed for Act 48 credit through the district with assistance from those who have completed the 23Things.  Somehow though I wonder how many more things could be explored.  There is so much more out there than can be explored in just 23Things.  But it is a starting place and enough to get teacher’s feet wet.  To improve the 23Things program I would simply enlarge it.  Make 23Things be the starting point and then have teachers go on from there.  23Things is e-learning at it’s best.  23Things is lifelong learning!  Now for the journey to continue!

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