Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week 8, #18 & 19

Zoho Writer.    When I went to Zoho to create a new account I found out that I had already set up an account.  I had to reset my password so that I could explore the site further.  I guess I never really used Zoho Writer once I started using Google Docs.  I like using Google Docs because it is so easy to remember one password for Gmail and all of the other Google applications. 

The link to the video on how to use Google sites was pretty simple.  I hope it is as easy to use as it seems. 

Zoho writer is easy to use.  I like the idea of having students use this online word processor so that they can begin typing in school and then go home and login and continue right where they left off.  It would be good to use to take notes as well.  In fact, I am using it to take notes for a graduate class this week.  I used Zoho Writer in both Firefox and Safari and it seems to work equally well in both browsers.  I like the page about the benefits of using Zoho Writer.  Zoho Writer is another example of how the world is becoming a leveled playing field for all, even those that can’t afford the cost of Microsoft Word.  Here is a free alternative which the benefit page says will export as a Microsoft Word document.  I am going to explore Zoho Notes next; it is a good alternative now that Google Notes is going away.


I created an account LibraryThing and quickly added some of the books that I most recommend to my students.  As expected the book Because of Winn Dixie was very popular but some of my other favorites were not as popular.

And the thing I like the best was LibraryThing Local.  It is billed as a gateway to thousands of local bookstores, libraries, and book festivals.  I clicked around and found a calendar page for my local library (not that I would not find the same thing with my bookmarked link to my local library).  Still, if I were not clicking around I would not know that there is story time for infants and toddlers tomorrow, a day off for me.  I am going to take my grandson to story time tomorrow since we will both be home together tomorrow.  I also like the idea of the Early Reviewers Group.  I would love to get free books for my library in exchange for an early review of the book.  I also wrote a review for the book Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins while I was on the site.  I am going to add some more books so that LibraryThing will make some recommendations for me.  

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