Sunday, January 04, 2009

Week 6, Things 13

I viewed the tutorial by Santa Cruz Public Library and then followed some of the other suggestions and found these from Jeff and Liz.

Jeff Utecht did this How to Use

Liz Davis did this one:

I subscribed to the SJLibraryLearning2's Bookmarks through my Mail program. I also made the site part of my network on Delicious. I enjoy using It allows me to save bookmarks that I use with my students on more than one computer. I also create different tags for students to use as pathfinders. I enjoy looking at the sites that have been saved by the people in my network. I use and Twitter as my own personal learning network. I often recommend to teachers in my building that are taking graduate classes and doing research papers. helped me keep websites in order while doing research and I like to recommend it. I also suggest it to high school students. I do not have my elementary students create accounts but I do model its use. It is important as a librarian to model the use of tools that students will be using as they continue their education. To my mind is part of lifelong learning!

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