Monday, January 19, 2009

Week 9, #21

I have been looking for and listening to podcasts for a couple of years now.  Some that I listen to regularly are: Cranky Geeks, Geek Brief TV, and Jumping Monkeys (I also like TWIT but have been focusing on Jumping Monkeys because it is more relevant to elementary aged children).  I also like Tekzilla.  David Warlick has a podcast but he does not produce shows on a regular basis.  His last episode was #103 and was posted in mid  December.  My new favorite podcast to recommend to teachers is CultureGrams Training.  Our district purchased CultureGrams but there has been limited training.  The podcast helps learn to use the program and offers curriculum guides.  Booktalks Quick and Simple is Nancy Keane’s daily booktalk for books for grades K-12.  I listen to podcast through iTunes but sometimes I like to go directly to the websites because often there are show notes with clickable links.  I have blogged about  Jumping Monkeys before when they did a show on the Baby Name Wizard.

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