Monday, January 19, 2009

Week 9, #20

Unfortunately YouTube is blocked in my school district.  Actually, I understand that some of the content can be questionable.  As part of this exercise I clicked on the Librarian’s Manifesto and was shocked that nude pictures were included.  I had planned to embed that video here but once I saw the nude photo decided to look for something more appropriate for an elementary librarian.  And, I found MrMarshall1’s video that was just placed on YouTube in November.  It is called “How to locate a book on the library shelves.”

I like YouTube and frequently look for videos on the site.  Now that Google is no longer accepting videos YouTube hits on Google searches will become more prevalent.  I like the idea that you can embed the videos from the site right onto a blog, wiki, or website.  Library catalogs would benefit from having videos embedded into them, then when a student or patron was looking for Martin Luther King speeches, they could click and actually see the video of the speech.  

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